Sunday, 8 September 2019

Special edition of the painting and new artwork in gallery Kunstmacher, Maciej Cieśla 2019

Since this week you can find special edition of my artwork in gallery Die Kunstmacher, with very interesting text ( DE ). It is one of my best works from this year and quite a big format too, with interesting theme and composition, therefore I invite you to check out edition of this work in this link

I would like to also present you my new painting, available in same gallery. Little bit melancholic and with very special climate. Two girls, Italian coast and my dog :)  -> Galleries - > Die Kunstmacher

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Movie from artists studio, Maciej Cieśla modern painter.

Lately I've created some movie from my studio, exactly a stop motion animation with some ideas about my workspace. 
Painting created while making video is available in Singulart and Zatista :)

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Huge format artworks by Ciesla painter already available

Two new big format paintings, Tetraptychs are just finished and available. Those are 200 x 140 cm oil paintings each on four canvases.
You can find those in Singulart, EmergArt and Zatista galleries.

Shot from artists studio 07 2019

New oil painting for gallery Die Kunstmacher by Maciej Cieśla

One of my works from series " after alchohol " is already avilable in one of my best cooperating galleries Die Kunstmacher.
It is quite complex, very colorful painting with many characters.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

" Walk in the mountains. girls and mountain devils " expressive light

One of new paintings from series characteristic for my art.
Girls, nymphs and mountain devils in mountain landscape.
Painting is inspired by my trips to mountains.

You can find this artwork in Singulart, Zatista, Flecha, and Galley Today.

Two new semi- abstract portraits

Some of new abstract / expressive portraits inspired by archetype of the portrait.
You can find those in many of my cooperating galleries below

" Between Dream And Archetype Woman In The Hat "


" Between Abstract Self Portrait And Dream Form And Color "

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Meeting with Bouwien Luppes, owner of Try it ART gallery.

Photo with owner of the Try it ART gallery, Bouwien Luppes. She was so kind to travel to Poland to meet me in person. I've never heard about so unique attitude to art and artists.

Wonderful meeting, an amazing person. As great as our meeting are news that we were able to pick four of my paintings for... an exhibition in San Francisco ! :)

" Sunset, Italy, melancholy " New painting by Maciej Cieśla, artwork inspired by Italy, colorful bright painting.

Two girls at the Italian coast. a large, complex oil painting.
Available in Singulart and Zatista.

Zwei Mädchen an der italienischen Küste. ein großes, komplexes Ölgemälde.
Erhältlich in Singulart und Zatista.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Dog painting by Maciej Cieśla, dachshund Singulart gallery Red Dog

One of my new works, " dachshund "  :) you can find this painting in Singulart gallery, link below.

Eine meiner neuen Arbeiten, "Dackel" :) Sie können dieses Gemälde in der Singulart-Galerie finden, Link unten.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Two new paintings, semi- abstract and expressive modern art by Maciej Cieśla

Two new paintings " Lovers " and " from ' after alcohol " series "
Available in " Die Kunstmacher " and " Singulart " galleries, you can find these galleries at my website:

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Painting by Maciej Cieśla "Komposition mit einem Mädchen und Stillleben 02.2019" Abstrakte Momente, contemporary art.

"Composition with a girl and still life 02.2019" available in Abstrakte Momente gallery- DieKunstmacher . de

"Komposition mit einem Mädchen und Stillleben 02.2019"
ich denke, dass dies eines der besten Bilder aus 2018/2019 ist. Ungewöhnliche Komposition und Form, Abendstimmung an der Küste einer Kleinstadt.
Verfügbarkeit in der Galerie Abstrakte Momente ( DieKunstmacher . de )

Girl with the dog. Maciej Cieśla painting with characteristic Red Dog.

" Girl with the dog 03 2019 " Bright light, girl with a braid and my Red Dog :) You can find this painting in Singulart gallery.

" Das Mädchen mit dem Hund " das Gemälde befindet sich in der Galerie Singulart,

New cooperation with Canadian modern art gallery " Try it Art ", new paintings.

Now you can also find my artworks in really great place,  gallery Try it Art. Besides my artworks, you can find really great artists and a interesting blog there- the owner of the gallery travels to every new artist to get to know him personally ! :)
I had the pleasure of talking to her and we most likely will see each other in May.
 Gallery is located in southern Alberta, but availability of works is international.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Portraits between dream and archetype. Sereis created by European artist Maciej Cieśla. Modern art.

Two paintings from my abstract / expressive works 2019.
Both of them are semi- asbtract oil paintings inspired by portrait archetype.
You can found them in Singulart gallery ( search- Ciesla )

Zwei Bilder aus meinen abstrakten / ausdrucksstarken Arbeiten 2019 - Bei beiden handelt es sich um halb Ölbilder, die vom Porträtarchetyp inspiriert sind. 
Sie finden sie in der Singulart-Galerie (Suche- Ciesla)

About me- Maciej Cieśla

Sunday, 30 December 2018

New paintings from expressive series by Maciej Cieśla in galerie Die Kunstmacher. Moderne Kunst in Dresden.

Two works from the " Cellist " and " Composition with girl " series. Already in huge colection of my paintings in gallery " Die Kunstmacher "

Zwei Werke aus der Reihe "Cellist" und "Composition with girl". Bereits in großer Sammlung meiner Bilder in der Galerie "Die Kunstmacher"

"Mädchen erwacht aus einem Albtraum"

"Komposition mit einem Mädchen und Cello V"

Ghosts of nature, contemporary art by Maciej Cieśla, gallery. Moderne europäische Kunst galerie. Zatista gallery.

Today I'm publishing my two new works from " Ghosts of nature " series.
Both are quite cheerful and bright, in the first painting there is a lot of fresh light and movement :)

Heute veröffentliche ich meine beiden neuen Arbeiten aus der Serie "Ghosts of Nature".
Beide sind ziemlich fröhlich und hell, im ersten Bild gibt es viel frisches Licht und Bewegung :)

Galerie - Singulart - link to gallery

You can also find this work on Zatista gallery

" Fauns musicians " 110 x 90 cm oil on canvass 2018


" Portrait of the faun " 81 x 65 Acryliic painting on canvas 2018

You can also find me at my Facebook page " Maciej Ciesla Painsitngs "

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Portraits, between dream and self portrait- contemporary aart- semi- asbtract portreaits by Maciej Cieśla, painting, artist. Portrety " Między archetypem a autoportretem "

Some new works,very expressive, half- asbtract portraits.
This new set of dynamic works is from new series 
 "Portraits between dream and self portrait "

Einige neue Arbeiten, halb abstrakte Portraits.
Aus der neuen serie-  "Portraits between dream and self portrait "

You can find this works in gallery Singulart

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

" Nightlife inspirations, music and oldschool evening VI " painting by European contemporary artist Maciej Cieśla at Singulart, painting.

Painting from series inspired by city night life and oldschool party style.
" Nightlife inspirations, music and oldschool evening VI "

Expressionistische Acrylmalerei aus einer Serie von Bildern, die vom Nachtleben und von der Musik inspiriert sind

" Cellist " Modern art by Maciej Cieśla, expressive painting, Singulart.

Expressive diptych, two canvases 130 x 80 cm, from " Cellist " series.
Both framed in black, floating frames.

Expressionistische Acrylmalerei, Diptychon, zwei Leinwände 130 x 80 cm, aus der Serie "Cellist".
Beide gerahmt in schwarzen Rahmen.

In gallery- Singulart.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Expressive painting " cellist - color composition " Modern art by Maciej Cieśla ( Die Kunstmacher galerie )

One of new works form " Cellist " series, 130 x 80 cm, you can find this work in web gallery in Dresden, ( link below ).

"Komposition mit einem Mädchen und Cello III" 
Expressionistische Acrylmalerei 130 x 80 cm
Eines der neuen Bilder für die Galerie Die Kunstmacher. Acrylbild aus der Serie "Cellist"

Galerie link- Die Kunstmacher

Friday, 2 November 2018

" Kompozycja kolorystyczna- wiolonczelistki " Maciej Cieśla modern art. Galeria Art in House

 "Composition of colors- three Cellos " by Maciej Cieśla.

" Kompozycja kolorystyczna- Wiolonczelistki " 140 x 110 cm obraz olejny na płótnie.
Obraz dostępny na aukcji 30 listopada w galerii Art in House.
Zapraszam do odwiedzenia aktualnej oferty galerii link poniżej-

Thursday, 18 October 2018

" Katia in morning light " Expressive painting. Modern European art Singulart.

One of my new works from portraits from the past series" Katia in morning light " oil on canvas

In Galerie Singulart - link

Night lovers, Expressive / abstract work by modern European, young artist, Maciej Cieśla.

" Night lovers " 100 x80 cm
One of my new works, very bright and strong in form.
Youc can find this work in gallery " Die Kunstmacher " ( owner speaks English :) 
I also invite to visit my Facebook page " Maciej Cieśla Paintings "

Expressionistische Ölmalerei " Der Verehrer III "
Wie üblich ging das Bild an die Galerie "Die Kunstmacher", ein Online-Angebot im folgenden Link:

Monday, 8 October 2018

Modern expressionism " Composition of colors, girl lying in bed and dog " Gemälde von Maciej Cieśla.

Expressive / semi- abstract composition of forms and colors. Girl lying in bed with small dachshund. Gallery link below.

Expressive / semi-abstrakte Komposition von Formen und Farben. Mädchen, das im Bett mit kleinem Dachshund liegt.

Pl- w kwestii moich prac proszę o kontakt ze mną lub galerią Art in House w Warszawie.

110 x 90 cm   Link to gallery

Friday, 5 October 2018

Expressive landscape, modern art by Maciej Cieśla " Ttuscany, late afternoon " in gallery.

Bright and expressive painting 100 x 80 cm
" Ttuscany, late afternoon "
One of works inspired by trips to Italy.
You can find link to the gallery below.

Expressionistische Ölmalerei "Toskana, die Küste am späten Nachmittag" 100 x 80 cm
Eines der Gemälde, das von einer Reise nach Italien inspiriert wurde.
In der Galerie " Die Kunstmacher " ( Link unten )