Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Expressive, bright and colorful painting " light of the nature, nymphs " Gemälde Singulart.

" light of the nature, nymphs "
"Licht der Natur, Nymphen"
Nature always was greatest inspiration for artists. For me interpretation of nature, flora is a fundamental subject, and way to express myself.

Beautiful 3D graphics made of expressive paintings.

3D graphics made of my expressive works
" Paintings come to life "

3D-Grafiken von meinen Gemälden gemacht.
"Bilder werden lebendig"

Expressive painting, delicate but strong in form " Wandering winter " professional art. Red Dog

Another work from 2017 which I would like to remind.
" Wandering winter " 140 x 100 cm oil on canvas

Expressionistische Ölmalerei "Wandernder Winter" 140 x 100 cm

Gallery link

expressive painting " river, morning and nymphs " Modern art by Maciej Cieśla

One of my works from 2017. I really like this one and I've spend a lot of time creating this composition.
" river, morning and nymphs " 105 x 95 cm oil on canvas.

eine Komposition, die ich sehr mag und an der ich viel gearbeitet habe.  "Fluss, Morgen und Nymphen " ab 2017

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Expressive work with strong light and dynamic form " Walk in the mountains " by Maciej Cieśla. Modern art gallery.

One of my latest works " Walk in the mountains. light and color "
150 x 100 cm.
One of subjects typical for my art, with combination of ffolklore, nature, strong forms and my characters.

In Singulart gallery Link

Interview with young, European artist- painter Maciej Cieśla. Modern art- expressive / abstract artist.

Short, but interesting interview with me in my new studio. I was quite stressed, as it was my first time in front of the camera :)
Yet, I think it explains some aspects of my art.

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Fauvism / expressive portrait " Portrait from the past ' Katia ' " Modern art by Maciej Cieśla- Gallery.

From the series : Portrait from the past " Katia "
60 x 40 cm
Delicate, yet strong in color, portrait- oil painting.

" Dance of the forest spirits, light and form of nature ", Modern art painting by Maciej Cieśla.

Maciej Cieśla 2018, 150 x 100 cm oil on canvas. " Dance of the forest spirits, light and form of nature "

In Gallery " Singulart "Link